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El Patrón (ó)

The mayor is dead.

Rolisa DeMorales is gone.

Flavio is no more.

With Dread’s help, external threats have been eliminated and all that’s left is for Andrés and Fallon to move forward as Rey and Reina.

But how do you repair a severed heart?

Relationship issues are shoved under the rug as Andrés focuses on rebuilding Los Reyes and repairing his reputation.

Fallon is determined to confront her demons and prove her worth after a devastating miscarriage; but when their desires clash it sparks an in-house war, which quickly spills into the streets.

Fallon has declared herself enemy number one.

Andrés is not backing down.

There can only be one patrón in the Reinoso household.

The million-dollar question becomes, who will it be?

*Reader Note*

The El Rey Series contains 3.5 books prior to El Patrón. To fully appreciate Andres and Fallon’s story in this installment, it is strongly recommended that you read Reinoso (Book 1), La Reina (Book 2), La Familia (Book 3) and Dread (Book 3.5).

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